We are very excited to have been a part of a major project with APN Outdoor to bring online the worlds most captivating advertising media right here in Sydney.

34 screens measuring 3.7m wide by 2.2m high were designed by Screencorp for this particular application in mind. The panels are IP66 rated with a stunning pixel pitch of 5mm – SMD. A fully front serviceable cabinet was designed with a large 10mm laminate glass front protecting the internal components from ther operating conditions.

Its been a very exciting 18 months working towards what is a fantastic product that is already proving very successful.

XtrackTV’s digital broadcast network is comprised of 34 LED screens in Sydney, featuring full-motion video and audio capabilities, designed to captivate commuters while they wait for the train (a recognised high dwell time environment).

The introduction of XtrackTV will provide APN Outdoor advertisers with the unique ability to extend multi-screen campaigns from television, cinema and online to the rail platform – a first of its kind in the Australian Outdoor industry.

XtrackTV will operate in a network on a rotational display model. A 2.5 minute loop has been designed specifically for XtrackTV to ensure the commuter audience has the optimal opportunity to see, hear and experience each creative while waiting on the platform.

Samsung, Virgin Mobile, nib health funds and 2K will be among a number of high profile, inaugural advertisers utilising the visual and audio capabilities of XtrackTV to promote their latest campaigns to the commuter audience.