We are very excited to have been a part of a major project with APN Outdoor to bring online the worlds most captivating advertising media right here in Sydney.

Built into the wall of the International Terminal at Sydney Airport stands the stunning 2.5mm pixel-pitch LED screen measuring 8.8m x 2.7m.

Beautiful clarity is achieved with the amazing 2200 nits, and resolves 2.81 trillion colours. The screen can handle full 16:9 4K video and have space for further branding on the sides.

Screens of this nature need space to service the modules when required. Raising the level of difficulty was the fact the airport customs hall is situated on the other side of the wall. Screencorp manufactured a frame that houses actuators and hydraulic scissor lift arms that push the entire screen forward a metre for servicing.

Sydney Airport is a premier location — the quality of advertiser in the Sydney Airport is very high.

The screen’s content is managed by Scala software and monitored by Screencorp’s management software where real-time diagnostics are sent to Screencorp HQ. All the modules of the screen have power and data redundancy to ensure the screen is never offline.

There’s no question that this is an exceptional screen and demonstrates how seamless LED is muscling in on the territory of video walls.