Outdoor 10mm DIP LED screen

From small format digital signs to giant outdoor scoreboards and digital billboards, this versatile product is suitable for just about any outdoor application.  Its high brightness, low weight, low power consumption as well as large range of panel sizes available are the just some of the reasons this product range continues to be of the most successful we have ever released.


LED Specification

Pixel pitch (real): 10.66 mm
Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B
Brightness: 8000 nits
Refresh rate: >1920Hz
Grey Level: 65536 bits
Contrast ratio: 5500:1
Colour temperature: 7500K
Horizontal viewing angle: 120 degrees
Vertical viewing angle: 60 degrees

Cabinet information

Typical cabinet size (W x H x D): 1280mm x 1280mm x 150mm
Module size: 320mm wide x 320mm high
Cabinet weight (based on 320mm x320mm cabinet): 70kg
Pixel Matrix per module: 120 pixels wide x 120 pixels high
Cabinet material: Aluminium+Steel

Electronic specifications

AC Voltage: 100v-240v
AC Input frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Maximum Power consumption: 330 Watts per Square-Meter
Typical Power consumption: 110 Watts per Square-Meter

Environmental Specifications

IP Rating: IP65 (front) / IP54 (rear)
Working Temperature range: -20 ~ +50℃
Working Humidity range: 10% ~ 90%
Typical lifetime: 100,000hours

Product features

Ultra low power consumption, the first option for saving energy

8,000 nits brightness with 330W/sqm power consumption, 50% less than the traditional panels.

Excellent display performance, the first option for millions of advertising operators

Design conciseness with low operation cost

20% less than traditional panel weight, 1/3 less thickness, saving your transportation and labor cost

Intelligent panel design, real time feedback

Real time monitoring temperature, humidity, module voltage, cables loosen, & etc. without cable and card, improving the speed of service

Innovative Module

Waterproof module with enclosed structure

Easy Control

Exterior test button displays data and power working signal, easy to check screen working status.

High integration design, convenient and safe

Power box integration design,waterproof flight connector, easy installation and maintenance.

Front service available

Insertion front service, finish taking place one module within 30 seconds, 3 times up to the efficiency

Rear Service

Special rear lock design, fast module maintenance with in 30 seconds

Power supply front and rear service available

Convenient fast maintenance, saving your time cost

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