Indoor UHD 6mm LED screen

With a light weight & super slim design , this product range has been particularly popular for small and large wall mounted screen applications including advertising and information displays and the magnetic modules enable easy installation as well as complete front service access.


LED Specification

Pixel pitch (real): 6.25 mm
Pixel configuration: 3-in-1 SMD
Brightness: 1800 nits
Refresh rate: >1200Hz
Grey Level: 65536 bits
Contrast ratio: 3900:1
Colour temperature: 7500K
Horizontal viewing angle: 150 degrees
Vertical viewing angle: 140 degrees

Cabinet information

Typical cabinet size (W x H x D): 750mm x 750mm x 85mm
Module size: 250mm wide x 250mm high
Cabinet weight (based on 750mm x 750mm cabinet): 16kg
Pixel Matrix per module: 120 pixels wide x 120 pixels high
Cabinet material: Steel 

Electronic specifications

AC Voltage: 100v-240v
AC Input frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Maximum Power consumption: 475 Watts per Square-Meter
Typical Power consumption: 160 Watts per Square-Meter

Environmental Specifications

IP Rating: IP40 (front) / IP21 (rear)
Working Temperature range: -10 ~ +68℃
Working Humidity range: 10% ~ 90%
Typical lifetime: 100,000hours

Product features

Perfect Model for Indoor Application

Fully front-access, super slim design and excellent display performance make it the first choice in hospitality, conference room, TV studio application

Visual Feast Powered by Ultra HD Image

6.25mm High resolution pixel pitch provides exceptional display performance and perfect embodiment of Ultra HD LED technology.

Perfect Model in Wall Mounting Application

Fully front-access design removes the requirement of rear-access path in wall mounting application. The total depth of screen and steel frame is only 150mm, 1/5 of traditional screen. Thin and light panel design keeps steel frame and installation environment requirement minimal. Fan and noise free design, low power consumption makes it an eco-friendly product.

Superior consistency coupled with Low Brightness and High Grayscale

AI06 is endowed with superior consistency under low brightness status, even reduced to 20% brightness

Thin and Light Panel Design

85mm panel depth and 16kg panel weight lead to significant saving in transportation and installation than traditional panel.

Magnetic Structure, Fast Front Maintenance

Front-access magnetic module and modular design of power supply boost maintenance speed

Quick Installation with Magnetic Module

Magnetic module design enables 5 times quicker installation than average screw module

Examples of where our AI06 is being used

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