Applications for LED Signs in Australia

Whether you realise it or not, LED signs are a part of just about every public space- at least in inner city areas. From directional signage to advertising, there are a variety of different applications for this flexible and high impact medium. These include, but are not limited to:

Public Premises

Useful for crowded areas where essential information needs to be dispersed as efficiently as possible, these signs are a quick and easy way to let people know what, why, when, where and how things are going on around them. They are used in a variety of situations; some of the best known are show time displays at cinemas, retail digital signage (short form sale/clearance notifications), and time/weather

Traffic Control LED Sign Hire

All public works and some private building projects require formal traffic control plans, many of which incorporate LED sign hire to notify locals and drivers of detours and obstructions. Used in accordance with state and federal traffic control regulations, these LED display setups are commonly placed a minimum distance away from road works and other temporary obstructions. They may be an effective and low-cost way to implement mandatory works notifications.

Structural Signage

LED sign hire just for decoration and advertising – they can also demark barriers, boundaries and pathways. Most commonly seen in sporting arenas, these screens are a flexible way of including advertising from multiple sponsors in a limited space. They are available as both indoor and outdoor models, shipped to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and other cities/towns across the country. Read more about perimeter signage here.